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We do our best to include every event. If something is missing, simply Contact Us​​ and we will resolve the issue as soon as possible.  

It is free to list your tickets on Super Seats! When your tickets sell, a commission of 10% is deducted from the sale before  your pay out. If your tickets do not sell, you are not required to pay anything. 

Currently we only sell tickets to events in the United States and Canada.  

If your tickets have a print delay, "Delivery Delay", or are on their way to you in the mail, you can still list them for sale on Super Seats. Just be sure to notate the delivery delay while listing. If you have not yet purchased the tickets, you will be unable to sell them on Super Seats. 

At this time you cannot list tickets being held at will call or any sort of paperless tickets. This includes Flash Seats, Mobile Entry, and Credit Card Entry.   

When you choose Super Seats we will broadcast your tickets to thousands of sites within the Ticket Network marketplace. Because of the risk involved in double selling tickets on more than one marketplace, we prohibit customers from listing their tickets on other sites.

To prevent fraud we review every listing before we broadcast it to our marketplace. Your tickets will be broadcasted as soon as possible and you will receive an email from us once we approve your listing.

Yes, you can only list seats that are side by side. Some venues assign seats by only odd or only even numbers. They're still side by side unless otherwise stated. To list seats with odd/even numbered seating make sure to check the box marked Odd or Even Numbered Seating on LIST YOUR TICKETS page.

Some GA, Lawn, and Pit tickets have barcodes instead of seat numbers. You can list your tickets with generic seat numbers like 1,2,3,4 in this case. If your general admission tickets do  have seat numbers please use the ones printed on your tickets.

You will be paid via PayPal up to two days after the event date. Your payment will appear on your PayPal statement from Fans Connect.
To make your tickets look competitive on every marketplace prices  will often times be marked up or down. Your payout will not be  affected and will still be based on the price you’ve set. 

If you have PDF E­Tickets, simply upload them using the Edit Tickets link found under ​My Listings. If you have Hard Tickets we will email you a shipping label free of charge for you to ship your tickets when they sell. 

To make any changes to the tickets  you have listed simply go to​ My Listings​  and select Edit Tickets.

To delete your ticket listing visit ​My Listings and click the Delete link next to listing you wish to remove.  

If you no longer have the tickets you sold, you must Contact Us​​ immediately.  Failing to deliver tickets is  a violation of our ​User Agreement​. This can result in your account being suspended and you may be charged to replace the order.  

Please reach out via email ​ here​ or by phone at (​844) 344 - 2148.​ We will respond as quickly as possible.

It is the seller's responsibility to accurately list their tickets on Super Seats. If your tickets have not yet sold, you can correct any errors by visiting ​My Listings​​ and clicking on Edit Tickets. If your tickets have sold, please ​Contact Us​ ​ immediately, as an error in your listing could result in a charge to replace the order.

First, we suggest checking your email or the website you purchased the tickets from to make sure your tickets are valid for the rescheduled date. If tickets are still valid, you can keep your listing on Super Seats and they will be honored for the rescheduled date. If the tickets are not valid for the rescheduled date, please remove or update your listing by going to My Listings. If you've already sold the tickets, don't worry, we'll reach out to the customer to notify them of the rescheduled event.

When you receive a cancellation notice from the point of purchase, please ​Contact Us​ ​ immediately. If you have not yet sold your tickets we will deactivate the listing for you. If you have made a sale and delivered the tickets, your order will be cancelled and you will receive an invoice to reverse  your payout. If you haven’t delivered the  tickets no payout will be made.  

If your tickets have not sold you are required to remove the invalid tickets  and upload the valid, reissued tickets. You can do this by visiting ​My Listings and clicking Edit Tickets. If your tickets  have sold you must contact us  immediately and provide the valid tickets.  

In some cases of cancelled events or listing errors, we may send you an invoice requesting payment. Failure to pay an invoice can result in your account being sent to a collections agency.

Yes, you can only list seats that are side by side. Some venues assign seats by only odd or only even numbers. They're still side by side unless otherwise stated. To list seats with odd/even numbered seating make sure to check the box marked Odd or Even Numbered Seating on this page.

Some GA, Lawn, and Pit tickets have barcodes instead of seat numbers. You can list your tickets with generic seat numbers like 1,2,3,4 in this case. If your general admission tickets do have seat numbers, please use the ones printed on your tickets.

If your tickets have a print delay, “Delivery Delay”, or are on their way to you in the mail you can still list them for sale on Super Seats. Just be sure to notate the delivery delay while listing. If you have not yet purchased the tickets you will be unable to sell them on Super Seats.

At this time you cannot list tickets being held at will call or any sort of paperless tickets. This includes Flash Seats, Mobile Entry, and Credit Card Entry.

You will be paid via PayPal or check up to two days after the event date. Please note that if you selected to be paid via check, it could take an extra 3-7 business days to receive your check in the mail.

It is free to list your tickets on Super Seats! When your tickets sell a commission of 10% is deducted from the sale before your pay out. If your tickets do not sell you are not required to pay anything.